When Your Herbs Overfloweth

If you’re reading this post, you’ve already planted your herbs. 

Your herbs are flourishing, because you’ve pruned them like a champ. 

Which brings us to… what to do with your harvested herbs. 

Obviously, you can use them fresh in all sorts of recipes!

Basil & oregano are great in Italian dishes. 

Thyme, sage, & rosemary taste excellent with poultry. 

Parsley & chives beg to top bowls of soup. 

You’ve got options. 

But, even if you pair fresh herbs with everything you cook, you’ll likely still have some left over. 

Rather than let all your hard work go to waste, you can preserve your herbs to use all year long (depending on how much you have on hand, you can even preserve enough to give as gifts!)

There are multiple way to preserve herbs. You can dry them, freeze them, and cure them in salt. But this post is all about drying your herbs.

Drying doesn’t take any special skills or tools, and it’s really simple.

How To Dry Herbs

  1. Harvest your fresh herbs, following the technique shown here.
  2. Wash your herbs.
  3. Lay your herbs on paper towels or tea towels, and make sure you’ve dried off all the water (you can even let them air dry for an hour or so to help).
  4. Grabbing the stem of each trimming, bundle your herbs together.
  5. Using twine, string, yarn, or even dental floss, tie your herb bundles together. 
  6. Affix them to one long string, as pictured
  7. Hang the string in a cool, dry place.
  8. Bag each herb bundle with a brown paper bag, securing the bag at the top with paper clips or tape.  
  9. Let dry!
  10. When your herbs are completely dry (give it a couple of weeks), crumble the leaves into small jars, and label them.

That’s it! Do you dry herbs? Or do you preserve them in any other way?

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