When You Manage To Save Your Plants

To understand just how big of a transformation this is, and the newbie-gardener chaos that plagued the lives of these tomato seedlings, I suggest reading my first three tomato progress blogs here.

If you’re up to speed, then you know that these poor seedlings went through the ringer.

There have been multiple drownings, repottings and bouts of fungus…

But, I have excellent news.

Once the plants were in a properly sized container (get the biggest container you can find), with adequate draining (add holes if the pot doesn’t come with them), things started looking much better.

Plus, I’ve been using the organic copper fungicide proactively if there are multiple rainy days in the forecast.

With those tactics combined, I’m pleased to report that my 3 tomato plants are not just alive and well, they’re flourishing!

They’ve all got plenty of blooms, and each one has at least one fruit.

(The sungold cherry tomato plants have more fruit so far, and I’ve already harvested a couple!)

I do have to say, the tomato plant that was water logged the worst, is producing less fruit, and is slightly less tall than the other cherry tomato plant. Hopefully it’s just a little behind and will catch up. But, all in all, I would definitely recommend the strategies that got me here.

Has mother nature been giving you a hard time this year? What’s your biggest gardening challenge?


  1. My biggest challenge has been growing lettuce 😀
    My tomatoes and my cucumbers are doing great, my strawberries are great, even the peppers and the eggplant are fine, but I haven’t manages to get ONE LEAF of lettuce this year… I started the seeds too late and three batches bolted before I could get a decent salad 🙁
    But I am waiting for the autumn to try again.

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