When You Become Overly Invested In A Blossom

One of my favorite parts about growing my own food, is being able to watch the process.

I’ve eaten countless strawberries in my life. I’m talking… thousands at least. Maybe 10s of thousands.

And never, in all that time, have I seen a strawberry bloom. 

So, you can understand my excitement at finding the first bloom on my hanging strawberry basket. I snapped a quick picture of the pretty little pink blossom below.



The next morning, about 12 hours laters. Half of the petals had fallen off, and I could already start to see how the green leaves would eventually be this strawberry’s top. (Cool right?)



About a day later, all of the pink was gone, and I was left with this still slightly pollen covered, wanna-be-berry. But, you can definitely see what the end game is now.



The next day, the berry had gotten a little bigger and a little less yellow. I was surprised it was still advancing so quickly. We hadn’t had much sun, and had had an abundance of rain (notice the droplets?)


The day after, I could barely contain my excitement. The original berry was still going strong, but I had blooms, MULTIPLE STRAWBERRY BLOOMS.



I don’t know if any singular strawberry plant has ever been photographed with such fervor in such a short period of time, but I loved seeing the changes that happened in just a few hours between photos. It makes me have a whole new appreciation for each strawberry I devour. Each one started as a tiny little blossom just like the ones on these plants.


Anyone else love watching the process? What do you get most excited about?

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