When The Squirrels Crush Your Dreams

I’m not one of those people who hates squirrels.

I don’t think they’re vermin.

I brake when they cross the street.

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to bottle feed a baby squirrel that I rescued when she fell out of her nest…

So I sort of consider it a personal attack that they have had their way with BOTH of my strawberry plants. 

First, a couple of days ago I noticed the newer of my two plants, had a couple of shoots snapped off. I didn’t immediately point fingers… It could have easily been any type of animal.

But today, I went outside after work to check on my flourishing strawberry plant that I have been so painstakingly keeping an eye on (see previous post “When You Become Overly Invested In A Blossom.”)

 And 90% of the blooms were ruined.

Snapped off.

In the soil.


And there was also a suspicious hole dug into the basket… if I could finger-print it, I would bet the results would point to a greedy neighborhood squirrel.

You could say I was dreaming of strawberry shortcake…

You could say I was incredibly attached to the lovely blooms that were promising me berries…

So, I’m officially at war with my squirrels. They will NOT ruin my entire garden. Off I go to research tactics for preventing them from getting into the rest of my plants.

Thoughts? How do you keep squirrels, birds, and other nature at bay?


  1. I am sorry about the blooms. Hungry squirrels are a problem. You could cage in an area with hardware cloth (welded wire) 1′ x .5 ” and place the desirables in this caged area. I put out delicious foods for my squirrels that they prefer over the garden goods (but then again I am not growing those delicious, irresistible, strawberries ! ). I did just loose some really nice tomatoes to the opossum… and a few pecked from the blue jays and mockingbirds. Loving gardening and loving critters does present it’s own set challenges.

    1. Thanks Candy, I bought a couple of extra strawberry plants to help even things out 😉 I was told recently that the best bet is to plant extras with wildlife in mind! But once I’ve got a more permanent garden area there will definitely be some cages involved. For now, my hot pepper spray seems to be doing the trick.

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